keeping the packages up to date

Michael P. Varre mvarre at
Sun Jun 29 02:46:38 UTC 2008

I recently started using Ubuntu server LTS for some production web servers
due to the fact that it is SO easy to run.  However, usually I guess you get
what you pay for.  I've noticed that many major packages for things such as
Apache2 and PHP5 don't really stay up to date too much. For instance the
newest package available using aptitude is 2.0.55, yet the newest available
on is 2.0.63. 


Now, I understand the package maintainers mostly keep these up to date out
of the kindness of their heart and in their spare time, and really we'd all
be nowhere without them.  However, do many have an issue running these
systems that are so out of date due to security concerns?


Are many admins out there really running Ubuntu LTS in production
environments that face the internet?


Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this issue as two of my boxes
were recently compromised and frankly I don't know if it was my system or
the application running on it, or a combination of the two and I'm not sure
what I should plan on doing in the future




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