Ubuntu Hardy Heron server install: grub not updated

Walter Garcia-Fontes walter.garcia at upf.edu
Mon Jun 30 15:13:35 UTC 2008

* Karl Larsen [30/06/08 17:06]:
> Now it comes out at last. You have one fixed HD and 2 USB HD. No wonder 
> Ubuntu loader got confused :-)

Yes, but it did not give me any choice, it just went directly into
resizing the USB disk which was formatted as ext3.

>     I have no experience loading to a USB HD. But that must be the 
> problem.  If you have the space on the  one Fixed hard drive try to load 
> Ubuntu there. You have a Swap partition there already. While loading 
> Ubuntu unplug BOTH USB HD's

I don't have any intention on installing ubuntu in the USB disk. 
Ok, I'll retry unpluggin the disks...

Now: is there any problem on having Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows XP all
in the same disk?


Walter Garcia-Fontes               

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