audio error in VLC

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Mon Jun 30 14:57:15 UTC 2008

On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 10:52:09 -0400
"Gary Kirkpatrick" <pegngary at> wrote:

> When I did mplayer  -cache 500 -cdda speed=1 cdda://2 the  music played, as
> did the others.  Something wrong with the first one?

That seems like a sensible conclusion, yes :)
> When VLC trys to play the cd, I get Unable to open
> 'cdda://scd0/Track%201.wav'.  Could it be due to a problem with the first
> cut?  I'll try another cd I made at the same time.

Yes, it sounds like the first track has problems...

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