Ubuntu Hardy Heron server install: grub not updated

Walter Garcia-Fontes walter.garcia at upf.edu
Mon Jun 30 14:53:23 UTC 2008

* Karl Larsen [30/06/08 15:54]:
> Walter Garcia-Fontes wrote:
> > * Karl Larsen [30/06/08 14:17]:
> >> Walter Garcia-Fontes wrote:
> >>> But grub did not get updated, and after rebooting the system I still
> >>> only see Fedora Core 5 and Windows XP as the only options to boot
> >>> into. The Ubuntu partition is there, as I can see after booting into
> >>> Fedora, but my grup.conf is still the original one. 
> >>>       
>     Well the Ubuntu loader had a real problem with your fedora! I think 
> there must be a problem with /dev/sdc5 and this is why it failed. By the 
> way sdc means the third hard drive on your computer. Do you have 3 hard 
> drives?

I'm starting to sort of understand what happened. I have three disks,
one internal SATA disk and 2 external USB disks. Somehow Ubuntu got
installed in one of my external disks, despite the fact that I started
the installation from scratch using a CD with the "server"
installation. This happened may be because this disk is formatted as
ext3? The other one is formatted as vfat32. 

/dev/sda (this is the  SATA disk)
Partition 1:  /dev/sda1, 0,08GB, DELL Utility, vfat16
Partition 2:  /dev/sda2, 111,33GB, HPFS/NTFS
Partition 3:  /dev/sda3, 9,77GB, Hidden W95 FAT32, vfat32
Partition 4:  /dev/sda4, 111,66GB, W95 Ext'D (LBA)
Partition 5:  /dev/sda5, 109,67GB, Linux / Root Filesystem
Partition 6:  /dev/sda6, 1,99GB, Linux swap

It seems Fedora is Partition 5 using swap in Particion 6. Partition 1
is for the DELL utilities and 2, 3 and 4 are somehow related with
Windows XP ( I can reformat them since I don't boot into them, they
just came when they give me the computer). 

The first external USB disk, formatted as ext3, shows now the
following partitions after the installation of ubuntu:

Partition 1: /dev/sdb1, Linux, /mnt/Backup, ext3
Partition 2: /dev/sdb2, extended, unmounted
Partition 5: /dev/sdb5, 99,36GB, Linux, /media/disk, ext3
Partition 6: /dev/sdb6, 4,25GB, Linux Swap

Curiosly no Partition 3 and 4 here, I can see the ubuntu installation
in /media/disk from Fedora. 

Lastly the other external USB disk is not affected:

Partition 1: /dev/sdc1, 111,79GB, W95 FAT32 (LBA), /media/LACIE,

This one gets only mounted if I log in (I set up a persistent mount
point for the previous one). 

So my questions now are:

1) How can I wipe out Particion 5 and 6 in /dev/sdb and resize a
single large partition as I had?

2) Can I have Fedora, Windows XP and UBUNTU all at the same time in
/dev/sda? As I said I don't mind wiping WXP out. 

3) What went wrong with the UBUNTU installer, why did it end up
installing ubuntu in a USB disk?

Walter Garcia-Fontes               

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