Hardy becomes sluggish when a mounted drive becomes unavailable-How should I handle this

David Vincent dvincent at sleepdeprived.ca
Sun Jun 29 13:31:24 UTC 2008

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John Toliver wrote:
> I have my laptop which is running the latest version of Hardy.  I
> connect to my XP server which, among other functions is a file server.
> I share a 120GB HDD from the server to my laptop and this is how I
> handle backups downloads etc.
> I connect to the root of the shared drive with "sudo mount -t
> cifs //myserver/mysharedHDD /media/network/nameofserver"
> This has been working rather nicely for me except that my file server
> freezes up and becomes unresponsive at times.  When this happens, if my
> laptop is still has the share mounted, all operations will slow down to
> a crawl.  It took a while to figure out but what I do, when I know I'm
> about to leave my home network is to dismount the drive manually using
> "umount".
> The problem is when the server freezes unexpectedly.  Hardy still thinks
> the share is available and system performance is degraded.  It takes
> forever to bring up the main program menu, or for any program to load
> for example.
> I tried dismounting the drive before I wrote this email and terminal
> returned that the drive was busy and couldn't be dismounted.
> 1. How do I recover when the share becomes unavailable?
> 2. Is their a version of mount that can connect to a DFS root, so that I
> can mount ALL shared drives on a machine instead of one of them by
> typing "sudo mount -t cifs //%servername%"
> I've discovered the key to success is to never give up.  You either
> learn the right way, or you run out of ways to do it wrong.  A win/win
> situation!

for #1 sounds like you want the "autofs" mounter.  check it out.  but


i don't know how samba handles dfs so i can't help you there.

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