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Thanks. That worked fine.


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> Hi All,
> I m using Ubuntu Hardy with all recommended updates on my desktop and
> now I m having problem with accessing windows shares on my network.
> Earlier with 7.10 when I accessing windows servers it asked for the
> user/pass and when I given it I got access to entire hard disk. But
> now with 8.04 I have to give the entire path even to access a windows
> a share folder.
> When I browsing places -> Network , It shows the all available
> desktops and when I  select one it will not list the shared folders on
> it although there are folders sheared with full access permissions.
> But when I give the entire path I can access it.
> (like smb://x.x.x.x/folder_name). How could I solve this issue ?
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> This is a known issue with Hardy and there is a bug reported in
> Launchpad, I just do not remember the number.  Unfortunatelly the
> nature of it is still unclear and in addition their do not consider it
> a high priority.
> Hardy does mount the remote files system via samba but for some weird
> and unknown yet reason Nautilus displays nothing.  To see your shares
> in Nautilus  do not use Go To Network button but instead type the path
> for you share in the Nautilus Address bar specifying explicitelly the
> share name, e.g.:
> smb://remote_host_name/shared_folder_name.
> Then Nautilus shows it and you gonna have an icon associated with your
> share on your desktop.  To avoid typing it frequently you can bookmark
> it in Nautilus.
> If you instead want to access the entire drive on Windows, then type
> in Nautilus:
> smb://remote_host_name/C$
> or
> smb://remote_host_name/D$
> whatever drive you are accessing.  You can bookmark this as well.
> And, please, do not post in HTML.
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