A possible fix to WiFi

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Thu Jun 26 21:06:27 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
>         It has occurred to me the guys who have trouble with WiFi such 
> that they need a common software like MadWiFi might be doing something 
> wrong without any knowledge of it. I have re-loaded Gutsy and loaded 
> Hardy in the recent past and I recall what happened in both cases.
>         While loading the software it tells you what is going on and a 
> bar tells you how far towards finished it is. When loading gets to 
> "loading APT" the loading from the CD stops and the Internet lights get 
> active. The loader is getting software from a Ubuntu server. This 
> computer has nVidia everything. When I reboot there are two things that 
> want to send more software. One is the normal Update and the other talks 
> about non-ubuntu software. This is what makes nVidia video and madwifi work.
>         The first thing I do is click on the special stuff and either 
> just turn it on or download it from a server. I can do that ONLY if I'm 
> plugged into the Internet. And this is the secret. I installed Gutsy on 
> my madwifi laptop plugged into the Internet with a cable. After getting 
> the special stuff working I unplugged the cable and wifi was working.
>         Somewhere on the LiveCD it should say to be sure you have a 
> Internet cable attached before installing. This will end a lot of hard 
> questions to this list.
> Karl
    Well red faced I loaded Hardy on my Sony laptop and it loaded fine 
with no Internet. I was sure this would result in a problem. But when it 
came up for the first time from the Hard Drive it looked fine and had a 
nice look to it. Fills the whole 15 inch screen from left to right and 
top to bottom. Windows said it has a ATI RS200/RS200M Acellerated 
Graphics video card. It was found by the ubuntu loader and is working 
good. I tried to turn up the screen to a high use setting but it would 
not do it.

    Suddenly I noticed the little computers disappear and then a new 
scale showed that the wifi Internet was very strong. Sure enough it 
works fine and I had the wifi in the room and the computer had wifi 
turned on. Ubuntu used this to set up the software and make it work.



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