USB printers on Ubuntu 7.10

debian debiani386 at
Thu Jun 26 19:24:10 UTC 2008

> > sudo su lp -c 'echo -en "\f" >/dev/usblp0'
> >
> > to test the printer. This command should just eject one page of
> > paper, which is a good enough indication that the communication
> > works.

right, however, some printers, while they can eject a page just fine,
print garbage when you try to print something. This still happens with
my old IBM proprinter 2.. It can eject pages just fine, but every time i
try to print something, it just prints the comments instead of the
actual document. If my computer had a parallel port, i would show you
what i mean by that

the newer printers work just fine under cups

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