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Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Wed Jun 25 11:05:31 UTC 2008

Chris Lemire wrote:
> Since pulseaudio has been in Fedora and Ubuntu, Skype now gives me more problems. Skype has not been working at all in Fedora since I put I changed out my mobo/cpu. It gives the error "problems with audio device." I have been to irc channels #alsa and #pulseaudio with this and those who tried to help were not able to figure out the problem. I put in an amd64 live cd of the latest Ubuntu and booted that, installed Skype and tested it. The results were that Skype worked for voice conferencing, but I could not have sound from any other applications while having a voice conference. I tried launching Skype with the 32 bit alsa-oss script and library too without success. This is a problem when I want to do things such as use Skype simultaneously while using Flash, Linux games, or Amarok. Has anyone found a solution that allowed good sound quality voice conferencing to other users whether they were using Windows or Linux?
    Your experiance with Fedora is typical. Their Pulse Audio is a pain. 
I went to Hardy with fears that PA would ruin Skype and the applications 
I have that use the DSP in the soundcard. I have both working fine in 
Harty. I am using the OSS mixer without a problem.

    Your problem with Ubuntu sounds like your trying to use two or more 
audio paths in the system and unless you have 2 or more soundcards this 
will not work even if there is no PA.



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