Lets face Ubuntu 8.04

Avi Greenbury avismailinglistaccount at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 23 16:51:55 UTC 2008

Michael "TheZorch" Haney wrote:
> *  Installing software is easy but there is no standardized method of 
> doing so since every software maker uses their own installer software, 
> and there is no centralized search tool built into Windows like Aptitude 
> or Synaptic Package Manager.
Only while you're used to the frankly absurd system. For a start, there 
are at least three different definitions of 'install' under Windows.
You've got to get round any missing dll problems, since there isn't even 
a repository of them you can go to, let alone one with software in it. 
You only have any idea what hardware's in the box once it's already 
installed, and there's no real movement to make sure nothing breaks 
something else.

Last time I tried to install windows:

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