SATA Hard Drives

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sun Jun 22 15:33:23 UTC 2008

    I have this computer on a SATA hard drive and it keeps failing. The 
failure is in the data cable or the power cable and I can't tell for 
sure which is bad. I am now using the old style power because the SATA 
drive has this still. That stopped the failures for awhile.

    But this Sunday I booted up and got an error that has nothing to do 
with a hard drive failure, but in an hour the screen lost all colors and 
even the shapes of items on the screen were odd. I re-booted and it 
would not reboot. I had to  turn off the computer with the power switch. 
Then tried to come back up and it would not boot.

     I looked at the BIOS and it said NO hard drives! Turned off the 
computer and pulled off the cover a giggled the two ends of the data 
cable. Turned it on and it booted right up. It looks normal again.

    I know a lot of people are using SATA drives now. How did you get 
them to work in a reliable way?



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