Help with cookies

jerry jerryturba at
Sat Jun 21 15:29:14 UTC 2008

I have been using Firefox   with out any problem with cookies 
until this week. Now when i try to access  my online bank I get the 
message that my browser does not accept cookies and I cannot access the 
site. I do not have any "cookie" problem with any other site; yahoo 
mail, mutual funds, espn.

Under preferences -->privacy I have accept cookies selected until they 
expire. Show cookies showed 1 cookie for the bank site.

I also have firefox 3 beta 4 also installed and can access that bank 
site without any problem. Under show cookies there are several cookies 
installed  from the bank site.

Any suggestions on how to have ff2.0 accept the cookies, or copy the 
cookies from ff3 beta4 to ff2.0?



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