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Karl Larsen k5di at
Fri Jun 20 12:56:19 UTC 2008

Phil Sexton wrote:
> Michael "TheZorch" Haney wrote:
>> In Gutsy is was able to change the default DVD/CD player from an applet 
>> on the Preferences menu but that seems to be missing from Hardy.
>> I did try Preferences~>Removeable Drives and Media but the option for 
>> Audio CDs and DVDs weren't there.  I want VLC to automatically launch 
>> for DVDs instead of Totem. 
>> How can I change this setting?
>  From <>:
> To change the default DVD player in Hardy Heron to VLC (not Kubuntu, 
> issues with Xubuntu), copy and paste this command into the terminal:
> gksudo gedit /etc/gnome/defaults.list
> Press Ctrl+f and search for "x-content/video", then change the 
> "totem.desktop" entries to "vlc.desktop". Close and save. Next, 
> navigate to Places > Computer > Edit > Preferences > Media > DVD 
> Video and make sure VLC is selected, then test whether automatic 
> launch and playback with VLC works for you by inserting a DVD. If 
> playback doesn't work properly, navigate to Video > Deinterlace 
> within VLC and select mode "Blend". If that still doesn't solve your 
> issue, or you just want more features enabled upon launch (such as 
> fullscreen upon launch), follow the intructions in the next paragraph.
> Right-click on "Applications" in the top panel and select "Edit 
> Menus" to open the default menu editor. Navigate down to "Sound & 
> Video" in the left pane and click on it to show all those 
> applications in the pane to the right. Scroll down the list of 
> applications displayed until you see "VLC media player", right-click 
> on it, then click on "Properties" in the context menu to open 
> "Launcher Properties" and change the launch command from "wxvlc %F" to:
> vlc --volume 512 %m
> or to have DVD playback automatically launch in fullscreen:
> vlc --volume 512 --fullscreen %m
> Close the VLC properties dialog and exit the menu editor.
> Note: Remember to enable deinterlacing in VLC > Video > Deinterlace 
> if you see any artifacts during playback, or if playback doesn't 
> work correctly (the same is true with some AVI files also). To exit 
> and enter fullscreen in VLC, just press the "f" key.
    Thank you for that. The first two steps has totem no longer coming 
up first. If it never comes up that will be fine.



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