Problems installing. No ISO, WUBI not working

Michael "TheZorch" Haney thezorch at
Fri Jun 20 06:43:17 UTC 2008

Richard Bourne wrote:
> Still unable to install
> I redownloaded Ubuntu this time from a different mirror burned a new
> ISO cd but it still failed to boot.  I have my boot order as such:
> DISK, CD, HD, USB.  The ISO still shows up as a archive file.
Wasn't the latest version of Wubi supposed to correct this?  I thought 
there was an option in it to boot a Live CD on machines that didn't 
support booting from the CD-ROM.  I'm not certain why your computer 
wouldn't boot from the CD-ROM unless your burner isn't writing the disks 
out correctly.

I used Wubi to install this copy of Ubuntu on my PC.  I didn't burn the 
image to a disk though.  In Windows I used Daemon Tools to mount the CD 
image ISO, run Wubi and install Ubuntu.  Try this method out and see if 
it works.

Also, when you are burning the ISO file are you simply burning the file 
to a CD or are you actually having your burning software burn the 
image.  These are two different things.  Burning the ISO file to a CD 
won't make it bootable, but burning the image to a CD actually writes 
out the contents of the CD Image to a CD-R disk and that should be bootable.

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