[Gutsy 7.10] 2.6.22-15.54 Kernel Updates

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 20 06:20:00 UTC 2008

On 06/19/2008 09:01 PM, Nils Kassube wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> Machine reboots to 2.6.22-15.54 (generic) and I notice that the Dynex
>> PCMCIA wireless adapter isn't lighting up... at all. Check the
>> System|Administration|Restricted... and find that the Broadcom 3rd
>> party driver is no longer activated. Click the little box to activate
>> and what pops up... click to load from a local file, or from the 3rd
>> party url at www.whatever. Well, I've no clue where the local file
>> might be on this machine so I click to load from www.whatever, only to
>> realise that in order to do this I need a working network connection.
>> So I end up taking the laptop to a wire, downloading the driver again
>> via wired, and then reboot... all is well again. However, had I not
>> been able to connect via a wire, I would have been dead in the water
>> following the update reboot.
> If you had no wire, you could have booted with the previous kernel. It is 
> still there until you intentionally remove it.
> Nils

Did that, didn't work.

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