Media Players

David Fox dfox94085 at
Thu Jun 19 02:51:09 UTC 2008

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 12:38 AM, Michael TheZorch Haney
<thezorch at> wrote:
> I used VLC before switching to KMPlayer under Windows.  Its developed in
> S. Korea, they have an English language  forum for the application so
> perhaps you should go there and make a request for a Linux port.

I'm curious. On capable hardware, how do you feel about the output of
mplayer using -vo gl2 on highdef files such as *mkv? I have a couple
of samples, and I think it looks pretty good, but just maybe it can
look better. And you need a pretty capable box to play it (doing that
on my old Athlon Tbird, the video was unwatchable, but it plays very
smoothly on my new dualcore amd64.

> KMPlayer can output to OpenGL so it should be perfect for running under
> Compiz Fusion with GLX installed.

And vlc (and I suspect others) will keep playing the video in the
mini-window that comes up when you do the tab switcher. That is kinda

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