Firefox 3.0 aggravations

Steve Lamb grey at
Thu Jun 19 01:23:26 UTC 2008

Robert Holtzman wrote:
>   I can't find a way to delete entries in the drop down menu accessed 
> from the address (url) window. It shows entries from sites I have accessed 
> from links in other sites. FF 2.0 never did this. Also the entries are 
> more verbose which is only a minor irritation.

Set browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped to true.

     You can also get an addon called "oldbar" which will make the new bar 
look like the old bar, IE, no verbosity.  However the old search functionality 
is gone.  In spite of nearly a uniform panning in Bugzilla of the new search 
functionality the devs removed any way to get the old functionality back. 
Let's hear it for listening to the users!  Yeah!

     Between KDE and Firefox dev being a bunch of boneheads when it comes to 
actual functionality vs. "this looks soooOOOO cool!  It's lame, everyone hates 
it but it LOOKS RAD DUDE!" functionality I have to wonder what's happening 
with the FOSS model of development.  *sigh*

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