How to rsync to an external HDD with TCP/IP ?

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> Unfortunately it's too late to try your suggestions since I had / have
> to erase the whole external HDD because it wants FAT32 to be recognized
> via TCP/IP !? ;-(

This sounds helpful, I think.  Both ftp and samba run over TCP/IP.  Isn't
that what you want?

> Yesterday I tried a rsync from source (ext3) to target (fat32) with
> horrible differences !!!
> The IT folder has lost about 50% of items and about 20% of GB's !! ;-((
> Inacceptable !!! ;-|

It is hard to tell without details if this is what you want or not.

1.  FAT32 can not store all your file permissions, since it doesn't have the
equivalent of  "rwx" for user:group:all

2.  FAT32 has a smaller maximum file size (2GB?), so large files from your
ext3 will not be able to be stored on FAT32.

There are ways to backup files to a FAT32 files system and get around these
issues (for example, one way is to use tar and split into <2GB files).

> With these units It seems that I have to get along connected with USB !?

USB won't make any difference as compared to TCP/IP.  It just means you have
to have it connected directly to your computer.  You still have to worry
about the file system (FAT32, etc.)

> Currently quite frustrated and tired of these unsuccessful results. ;-p

It sounds like you don't really know what you want or how to do it or how
the technology affects it.  This does make for frustration.

> Any further assistance and suggestions are very appreciated. ;-)
> Cheers, svobi

Step back and figure out what exactly you want to use this drive for, and we
can suggest the best approach.

For example, one advantage of having it connected via TCP/IP is that Windows
and Linux can access it the same way - via ftp or SMB/samba.

If you want to backup files so they can be restored exactly the way they
were,  you probably want to store them in a way that keeps all that
information, such as a tar file or a backup program format.

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