How do you monitor startup messages in Ubuntu?

Catalin David c.david at
Tue Jun 17 16:17:20 UTC 2008

Pierre Frenkiel wrote:
>    I have "quiet splash" in my kernel options, and Ctrl-Alt-F1 works
>    What I feel rather frustating is that a lot of messages disappear
>    before you can read them, and are not logged is /var/log.
>    (and this is true for all Linux flavors I know)
I really don't know which is the combination I press to stop, but it is 
one of the following:

Ctrl+S   /       Ctrl + Q     /      Alt + Q    /       Alt + S.

I believe it is Ctrl+S though. Still, I can't restart right now to tell 
you for sure since I have lots of processes going on. Sorry!

All the best,

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