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Mon Jun 16 19:15:09 BST 2008

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> I have burned Ubuntu onto a CD which I loaded onto a blank reformatted HDD but now when I try to boot from the HDD and while still in the "black Screen" mode it comes up with the message that the NDLR is missing. What is this and why will it not boot? What can I do?
Assuming that you downloaded UBUNTU which became a ISO file.  Exactly 
what did you do with the ISO file,  did you try to install it or did you 
first create a disk with an IMAGE on it?

You're supposed to use a CD burner feature that creates a IMAGE CD from 
that ISO.  Examine your CD burner program for that feature.

> Another question: Every time I go into my emails I receive 50 or more message from Ubuntu Users with other problems which are of no interest to me. I then have to spend hours deleting these messages. Is there any way around this so that I only receive replies to my queries?

Anytime you have a bunch of emails you want to get rid of,  highlight 
them all by clicking each one to create a highlighted group of them, 
then do a delete.  There's also a 'Select all' to highlight a group, 
then one click will delete all at one time.
> Thanks for any help from Stan
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