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Rutger van Haasteren vhaasteren at
Mon Jun 16 09:33:17 UTC 2008


> I intend to buy a Dell Inspiron 1525 and to run it as a dual boot with
> Win XP and Ubuntu 8.04. Could some kind person please confirm that this
> machine will run with Ubuntu 8.04 as well as it does with 7.10?

Works even better, as the webcam and integrated microphone now also work.
Also had no problems with the new wireless driver iwlwifi for the intel
wireless card. Video driver also supports compositing now (Intel, nvidia
should have worked anyway). Can't say anything about Bluetooth, but looks

I also haven't tested the microphone connector in front of the laptop. That
one doesn't work on 7.10, but I haven't checked with hardy.

Oh, I run the 64bit version of Ubuntu 8.04 (upgraded from 7.10).

Supend and hibernation generally work, but I've had 2 occasions were suspend
gave problems (I've used it daily since release).

One word of caution, I'm not sure whether you will get a Dell mediaDirect
option on your laptop, but for me that caused me headaches. Repartitioning
changed my mediaDirect-button (on the laptop itself) in a 'remove the
partition table' button. Very, very, very annoying. If there is such a
partition on your 1525, be sure to test it after repartitioning. Took me
hours to get it working. This was a known bug, so I assume they have fixed
it by now...


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