Fonts in Ubuntu 8.04

nik gare nik at
Sun Jun 15 09:35:10 UTC 2008

nik gare wrote:
> RC wrote:
>> Hardy Heron:
>> There is no ´Fonts´folder under ¨Systems-Preferences¨. ¨Fonts¨ is a tab under ¨Systems-Preferences-Appearances¨. The ¨Details¨ button takes me to a dead end in the ¨Font Rendering Details¨ window. There is no way to the ¨Go to Fonts¨ window.
>> How do I add or delete fonts in Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy???
> According to you should just have to go to 
> "fonts:///" in Nautilus,  but I get the error message that Nautilus 
> can't handle locations.
> I know that I've used this method in the past, so does anyone know why 
> it's missing in Hardy, or how I could enable it?

In answe to my own question, see

where it describes the way to install new fonts in Hardy


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