Overheating Laptop

Detlef Lechner Detlef.Lechner at gmx.net
Sun Jun 15 03:57:50 UTC 2008

Am Samstag, den 14.06.2008, 11:08 -0400 schrieb Keith Clark:

> Under Windows I never had one issue with heat, so it must be a driver
> problem somewhere.

So your operationg system is at fault, not your hardware. The culprit
does not have to be a driver, the cause can also be a wrong
configuration of your operationg system. More specifically, very likely
the ACPI in it.

Please report the output of
cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/power
to see if your computer takes reduced power consumption states during
time (as Windows XP does and Ubuntu normally does likewise).
If your computer does not spend more time in C3 state than in C1 and C2
states, then your Ubuntu operating system is misconfigured. In this case
ask a knowledgeable person to repair the Ubuntu ACPI subsystem. If none
is at hand, backup your /home directory and install Hardy anew.

Detlef Lechner

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