Ubuntu's disorganized behaviour

Young tuxman at knology.net
Fri Jun 13 14:15:25 UTC 2008

Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> Young <tuxman at knology.net>  said:
>> I used synaptic to install MyPassWordSafe.
>> 1)
>> It did not add MyPassWordSafe to any menu.
> I just installed the same program and it shows up in my menu under
> Debian>Tools. Of course, for that to happen you must have the Debian
> menu activated:
> System>Preferences>Main Menu
> check the box labeled, "Debian," under, "Applications."
> It does not show on the regular Ubuntu menu for some reason.
> I have yet to try a reboot as I don't much like the M$ way and don't
> really want/need MyPasswordSafe.
> Cybe R. Wizard
Thank you for the info. Showing up under Debian tools would be okay, I 
I already deleted MyPasswordSafe so of course it wasn't there. I didn't 
like the program itself, even ignoring the other issues. It was however 
orders of magnitude better than Gorilla Safe.
MyPasswordSafe lacked the one feature which which made me choose the 
original PassWordSafe on Windows: It will allow you to see the password 
on its main screen, which makes it faster to use, and it helps me 
memorize the passwords for seldom used sites.

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