Ubuntu's disorganized behaviour

Young tuxman at knology.net
Fri Jun 13 14:00:54 UTC 2008

Kristian Rink wrote:
> Mark;
> and first off, sorry to read your disappointing experiences using the
> Ubuntu distribution. Some comments, nevertheless:
> Am Fri, 13 Jun 2008 01:56:37 -0500
> schrieb Young <tuxman at knology.net>:
>> 1)
>> It did not add MyPassWordSafe to any menu.
>> Whether or not Ubuntu's Add/Remove or Synaptic adds a new program to
>> a menu seems in my experience to be something that is entirely
>> arbitrary.
>> A***Why any program would not be added to a menu upon installation is 
>> beyond me.***
> Though this is not entirely "strange" (in some case programs that, say,
> do just run in a terminal, i.o.w. do not provide a GUI, possibly
> shouldn't be included in some menu), I guess in this situation it is
> indeed a misbehaviour of the installer.
I forgot to mention that it wouldn't run in the terminal either. Or 
maybe it just had a different name in the terminal.
>> 2)
>> In order to test the program I first tried to search for it. No
>> evidence of its existence could be found using a search tool.
> An easier way, for this and most applications alike, would be to do
> "Run" (usually <ALT>+<F2> though your environment might differ) and
> enter the package / application name (in this case "mypasswordsafe")
> for the program to be started. This is way more convenient and
> straightforward I suppose, given while installing an application all
> you need is to "run" it, you're probably not interested in reading
> through all the "additional files" (resources, config files, ...) that
> come with the package.
There was none obvious.
> [...]
>> found them. I found the executable and tested the program. If I had
>> liked it and wanted to keep it I could have made a link and...
>> But, the ability to make a link to the executable was unavailable.
> As said, <ALT>+<F2> or "Run" or opening a "Terminal" from the menu and
> entering the program name would do the same, though I agree with that
> it actually should be added to the menu.
>> B***Why the ability to make a link, for something which I can execute
>> by double clicking, should be limited, is incomprehensible.***
> How did you try doing so, and what exactly did happen?
Right click context menu, Make Link is greyed out.
>> C***Why search tools are unable to find files which are obviously
>> there is a complete failure.***
> Which search tool did you use, what did you search for, and what did it
> find?
Tracker Search Tool is completely useless.
The search that I usually is the one with no name. It's on my top panel, 
and if I remember correctly it's the one you get from the 'add to 
panel'. It has the same icon as Tracker.

> Cheers,
> Kristian

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