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Jerrod G wrote:
> hey, i'm installing ubuntu for the first time in 2 years and i need to know how i overwrite the old os with ubuntu
Hey Jerrod,

- From your other posts to this list I'll assume you want your whole HD to
be dedicated to Ubuntu.

In a general sense, you put in the install CD that you downloaded and
burnt into the CD/DVD-ROM drive and reboot. If your BIOS is set right it
should boot from the install CD and give you some install options, pick
the standard install option. Answer the questions the install process
asks until you get to the screen where the install process asks you how
you want your HD /partitioned/ and select 'use whole disk'. _This will
erase everything you have previously on the disk_.

And a reminder what we stated to you earlier, Ubuntu needs (in your
case) two partitions, a partion for files, called the root partition or
 "/" and a swap partition called "swap".

Oh, if your trying to use wubi, I'm afraid somebody else will have to
help you as I've never used it before.

This should get you going for now, feel free to reply to this thread if
you hit any snags in the install process.


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