firefox 3 rc3 install

nik gare nik at
Thu Jun 12 20:37:30 UTC 2008

Mike Adolf wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am having problems with Firefox as bundled with Ubuntu 8.04.  To fix I 
> downloaded rc3, but can't figure how to install it.  I had expected a 
> file, but their is none.  After un-taring, the directory 
> contains all the .so files and firefox binary.  I can run it locally 
> from the directory.  When I did, it ask me to accept the license. I 
> would like to have it installed in /usr and all the .so in the right 
> place.  I would be great if apt-get could also recognize that it is 
> installed. Maybe I need to build my own .deb file--I hope not! Any 
> ideas?  BTW, rc3 seems to fix the downloading problems I was having with 
> Ubuntu version.

Firefox 3 rc2 is available from the repos, just add this line to your 
sources.list hardy main

rc2 is I think the same as rc3 for the Linux version.


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