Forget Hardy

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu Jun 12 17:59:35 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
> Bart Silverstrim wrote:

>> Just in case, and since it only takes a few minutes to do, run the MD5 
>> sum against your .iso image and compare it to the website's stated MD5.
>     Sorry I have forgot how to do that, or I never knew :-)

md5sum <filename>
md5sum should be installed already, if not you'd probably just do
sudo apt-get install md5sum
to install it. Once run it'll spit out a hash. Match that to the md5sum 
listed off the website. If they don't exactly match, you don't have the 
same file.

>> You're saying it's *starting* to boot from the CD, then quits? So this 
>> confirms that the computer sees it and starts booting from it?
>     Your reading the wrong thing into what I wrote.

:-p you wrote the wrong thing for me to read.

>> I don't know what you mean when you say that it "drops back to the CD".
>     OK here is the whole story. I made and tested the cd-rom. It tested 
> good. 

Okay, definitely not a "I burned the file onto the CD instead of the 
image" issue.

>Reboot and when the cd-rom comes up I select English and then 
> click on Install. This is very slow.
>     Then a panel comes up and says there are 6 o7 steps to do and I do 
> them an then a panel comes up and says loading software. Then it loads 
> and sets up APT and then it gets a lot of things from the Internet at 
> about 82% complete. Then it starts to go towards 100% and stops.
>     Then it drops back to the Live-cd image after not doing a thing. But 
> if I find the partition it made I find a complete hardy load but no 
> /boot/grub/ installed. It IS consistant. It has done this every time.

Very odd. You mean that you can run the livecd just fine, install goes 
most of the way, but then quits abruptly? Are there any error logs 
temporarily kept in the liveboot that could be checked?

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