Forget Hardy

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu Jun 12 15:20:16 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Res wrote:
>>> since I was right and you 
>>> dont want to look at it from any other angle than what suits your own list
>>> nazi mates, I *will* end my participation in the thread, 
>     Well this thread has been right for my computer. I have tried to 
> load hardy 5 times and every time it errors out and just drops back to 
> the CD. I will stop now and wait for the next version. There may be 
> something wrong with my computer, but the 7.10 CD loads just like it did 
> a year ago.

You have a propensity for declaring the problem to be X instead of 
asking...but, you DID run an MD5 sum on the downloaded file to make sure 
you didn't corrupt the download, yeah?

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