not able to connec to the internet

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Wed Jun 11 20:54:34 UTC 2008

Felipe DOMINGUEZ wrote:
> Hello.
> in fact there is no error messages, everything works fine. when I run "pon
> ueagle-atm" I get
> "Plugin loaded."
> them I try to open a web page but the browser just says: "address not found"
> the same as if the modem is not connected.
> that is what it make it worst, there is not error to follow.

Anything from dmesg or ifconfig?

Or anything in the files in /var/log?

I supposed it's possible you're getting connected but don't have the 
interface configured, so the computer just doesn't know what to do at 
that point to talk to the network.

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