Harty Beta will not load

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at systemstheory.net
Wed Jun 11 16:01:43 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
> Phil Sexton wrote:
>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>     I have a CD-Rom I made with the downloaded Hardy Beta. I loaded it 
>>> and it worked fine. Today I tried to load it to /dev/sda6 and I got it 
>>> to start loading. It proceeded as if it was happy but instead of asking 
>>> about grub setup it went back to the CD. I can mount /dev/sda6 to my 
>>> working 7.10 and it is a almost a complete load but when I looked at 
>>> boot there was no grub directory. This happened 3 times.
>> Since  Ubuntu 8.04 LTS has been released, why not download or 
>> request the non-beta CD?
>     I can d/l the regular 386 Hardy. I will do that. See if it works.
> Karl

I had all kinds of issues with the release candidate versions of Hardy. 
  But once the official product came out, the install of both the i386 
and the AMD64 versions (desktop & alternate) went like a charm.

Generally I d/l the live/boot CD/DVDs using a bit torrent client rather 
than direct d/l.  I know it takes longer but there are two things gained 
(and YMMV on both of these).  (1) The torrent process will ensure by its 
only internal checksumming that I do indeed get an uncorrupted ISO 
image, and (2) I get to help spread the Ubuntu message by helping to 
distribute the ISO.  I still have to burn the disk slowly (I never burn 
anything important at over 16x regardless of what the mfg say about 
their disks) but this process means I never have a suspect live CD/DVD.
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