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Hi Wulfman,

Thanks for your email and help. What I did was to download the ISO file and then burn it to a CD using Nero as you say burning a Data CD. But it just will not load.  I do not understand your suggestion re the file being an image. Could you explain step by step what I need to do.    

I have the Ubuntu ISO file which I need to transfer to a bootable CD. I do set the Bios to boot from CD, but it does not load.

Best wishes Stan

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> > 1]        I desperately want to get away from Microsoft but cannot 
> > make head nor tail of Ubuntu.
> >  
> > I have downloaded Ubuntu 4 times and burned it to CD but it will not 
> > load. The ISO Ubuntu file seems OK.
> >  
> > I have a blank formatted HDD and put the Ubuntu CD into the CD drive, 
> > set the Bios to boot from CD, but it does not load.
> >  
> > What could the problem be?
> >  
> > I have been to the page that offers to check the integrity of the ISO 
> > file but it is so technical with command strings etc which is 
> > meaningless to me and describing numbers of different options.
> >  
> > In any case I doubt of the file is corrupted I have downloaded it 
> > numbers of time with always the same result.
> Did you create a data CD  (with the ISO file visible when you mount it) 
> instead of burning the ISO (which is a disk image)?  When I first 
> started, that was my big mistake.  I am assuming here that you burned 
> the CD under Windows using something like Nero.
> The other option is that you need to enable the CD as a boot device in 
> your BIOS and put it first in the queue.
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