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Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Wed Jun 11 14:28:01 UTC 2008

Hey list,
Can't this thread be dropped once and for all.  I see
no useful purpose to it.  Besides, I've spend a half
morning just deleting the "Forget Hardy" after reading
a few and discovering is it just all rant and getting
corporal tunnel syndrome in  the process. I see
nothing new, useful or that I haven't seen many times
before from reading the list.  Yes, I'm also getting
tired of seeing all the criticism of Karl Larsen
regarding some of his posts.  It would be simpler to
just comment on the correct method/solution and not be
so critical of him, regardless of how you feel.  It
would make me very obstinate if I were criticized in
that manner.  And yes, most of the top gurus are
guilty of all this rant.  Not the way to make a good
useful Users List.
My $0.02.

--- Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:

> mwbesemer at wrote:
> > When I first started experimenting with
> Ubuntu/Linux, I expected to find a
> > community that was full of knowledge and ready to
> help.  I'm sorry to say
> > that what I've experienced has not been at all
> like that.  Mario's
> > comments below seem all too typical.
> Mario's comments are only typical of our response to
> a person who has been
> continually giving out completely erroneous, often
> stupid, advice on this
> list, and complaining about the _good_ advice he has
> received.  Mario gives
> good advice (which I often disagree with, but that's
> Linux!).
> > Regarding security updates, those touting the
> Linux Kernal are always
> > quick to point out that Linux is unlike Windows in
> that it does not have
> > security concerns as Windows does, 
> Who ever said that?  Please provide citations,
> because it's not true, never
> has been true, and isn't something I've ever seen. 
> People are quick to
> point out that Linux security concerns are addressed
> promptly and
> publicly - unlike Windows' - but that's not the same
> thing at all.
> > then those of us to are brave enough to 
> > give it a try quickly find out differently.
> What?  You tried a new kernel and found a serious
> security issue?  I'm
> shocked (not to mention sceptical).
> This (and other Ubuntu lists) _is_ "a community ...
> full of knowledge and
> ready to help", but those who bite the hand that
> feeds tend to get less
> help, and we expect people to try to help
> themselves.  If you posted with a
> subject of "pls hlp", or "HELP", probably with lots
> of exclamations, you
> probably never got a response (likely, nobody even
> read your post).  If you
> gave an informative subject, but then - as in the
> last message I responded
> to - said "my Toshiba Satellite can't connect to the
> Internet", without a
> hint of a problem description, most people would
> just say they don't have
> the time to drag the problem out of you.  And if
> you're given everything
> you need to google the answer for yourself, and
> complain, you get
> killfiled.
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> derek
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