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Oliver Grawert ogra at
Wed Jun 11 14:15:35 UTC 2008

Am Mittwoch, den 11.06.2008, 09:31 -0400 schrieb Bart Silverstrim:
> Oliver Grawert wrote:
> > hi,
> > Am Mittwoch, den 11.06.2008, 01:13 -0700 schrieb Steve Lamb:
> >>      Erm, slang is used all the time in technical discussions.  It is what 
> >> makes technical discussions possible without having to spend 50 minutes 
> >> spelling everything out.  Part of engaging in technical discussions, in ANY 
> >> field, is learning the slang.
> > Ubuntu should be different here and should adapt to the user instead of
> > requiring the user to adapt to the tech slang, really.	
> Are you saying that the initial users of Linux...those who are or tend 
> to be more geek/technology oriented...working in a group of people 
> primarily attracting like-minded people...should be turned off to using 
> Ubuntu because they'll be attacked by net-nannies telling them they need 
> to tone down and "dumb down" for fear of scaring off people who really 
> don't want anything to do with the computer other than playing a video 
> game, with no interest in the reason those technology-minded people 
> first got involved in the first place?

i wouldnt make a difference here between a kid playing gcompris games
having a question or a guy using ubuntu to manage his holiday photo
collection ... we're the distro that many mainstream users use so the
support must take that into account. 
i dont think net nannies are needed at all; expecting a minor comon
sense of the supporters to imagine how the average ubuntu user looks
if you want elitist attitudes of people calling themselves linux gurus
this list is probably the wrong place though and ubuntu-devel-discuss
might be better suited ...


(... who works professionally with linux since 1996 and was called linux
guru several times in his life and is still able to manage to answer
questions in an understandable way for beginners he hopes :) (without
telling them to RTFM))
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