Hardy hard lock-up...

David Vincent dvincent at sleepdeprived.ca
Wed Jun 11 13:45:50 UTC 2008

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Shannon McMackin wrote:
> OK, I was using Hardy all the way through the beta cycle and never had 
> this problem.  Now I have a fresh install of Hardy and I have this issue 
> where X will seem to lock up completely though I can move the mouse. 
> Now button clicks don't work, no key combos work, only the 1-finger 
> salute recovers from this...
> Now, I've read about flash issues, so I un-installed Adobe flash and use 
> some of the other flash tools like gnash. It still locks..
> I installed preload, so maybe that has something to do with it.  Anyone 
> else using preload with out issues?
> This last lock-up, all that was running was FF3, Thunderbird and my VPN 
> software.  Dmesg, messgaes and kern.log don't show anything useful other 
> than the recovery from orphaned inodes...

what kernel are you running?  had you booted directly into that session
or had you resumed from suspend/hibernate?  have you checked your RAM

just some questions to get things going and get your mind percolating.

- -d

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