Ubuntu review: Worst game ever

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 10:16:00 UTC 2008

2008/6/11 Steve Lamb <grey at dmiyu.org>:
> Joel Bryan Juliano wrote:
>> Oh! If only I get a penny everytime, some people just don't get it,
>     Point is they shouldn't have to "get it" as that is not the venue for
> jokes.  It is an abuse of the venue and cruel to people.  "Har, har, I tricked
> them."  Yeah, so?  That's supposed to be funny?  It isn't.  Just shows how low
> *you* and those who would laugh along with you are.  Sorry, I don't think that
> abuse and cruelty are ever to be exalted.

Steve, you are undoubtibly correct on this subject. Which is why you are wrong.

Practical jokes are funny precisely because they are done in contexts
_not_ intended for entertainment. The subtler the better. Often, that
may harm productivity. So long as no physical harm is done, a
practical joke is considered successful when it can be pulled off in
as subtle a manner as possible. This is a classic example, which is
why I highlight it by posting it here. I certainly do not encourage
such behaviour, however the rare, successful practical joke is a
reminder of how frail our business and communication systems really
are. Often, that fact is only acknowledged during hardware failure,
which I am sure that you will agree is more harmful than a practical

Dotan Cohen


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