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Doug Stewart dastew at
Wed Jun 11 09:32:37 UTC 2008

Email Message wrote:
> 1] I desperately want to get away from Microsoft but cannot make head 
> nor tail of Ubuntu.
> I have downloaded Ubuntu 4 times and burned it to CD but it will not 
> load. The ISO Ubuntu file seems OK.
> I have a blank formatted HDD and put the Ubuntu CD into the CD drive, 
> set the Bios to boot from CD, but it does not load.
> What could the problem be?
> I have been to the page that offers to check the integrity of the ISO 
> file but it is so technical with command strings etc which is 
> meaningless to me and describing numbers of different options.
> In any case I doubt of the file is corrupted I have downloaded it 
> numbers of time with always the same result.
> 2] Why when I wanted to send this message from the Ubuntu site deos it 
> come up with a message saying the it will only be sent when I 
> Send/Receive messages (from windows explorer?) I have had to copy and 
> paste this from Explorer to my hotmail mail site.
> Many thanks for any help you can give and best wishes from Stan
Did you do what is descrided an this page

For more information about this utility, visit the author’s Web page at

Steps to create a CD if you have installed ISO Recorder Power Toy:


      Download the ISO CD image to a folder on your computer.


      Insert a blank CD in your CD-RW drive.


      Start Windows Explorer.


      Locate the ISO file, right-click the file name, and then click
      Copy image to CD to open the ISO Recorder Wizard.



      Follow the steps in the wizard to write the image to the CD.

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