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Wed Jun 11 01:43:06 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-06-11 at 10:55 +0930, Brian Astill wrote:

> My issue is with an increasing development towards the "nanny" 
> approach made famous by a certain organisation based in Redmond.
> "Just do it my way, dear.  There now, isn't that better? Good 
> boy!" (or girl, if you prefer).

This is the nice thing about having multiple distros -- you can always
use another one which suits you better and get the same reliable kernel
and system software.  I was a Slackware user for years, because I liked
having more control over my computer environment. I moved to Ubuntu
mainly because a friend recommended it and also because the release
packaging is very convenient and a lot of things I had to "fiddle" with
to work with Slackware just work out of the box with Ubuntu.

I do not think it is worthwhile to get into a flame ware about the pros
and cons of each GNU/Linux distro.  They all have their strong and weak
points.  I recently worked with Gentoo and I can see the appeal, but for
my workhorse notebook, I am sticking with Ubuntu for now.
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