Similar Experience

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Wed Jun 11 01:24:19 UTC 2008

Steve Brettell wrote:
> I had a similar experience.  I admitted to not knowing what I was
> reading or doing, and got the answer that I shouldn't be considering
> using Ubuntu if I was so ignorant.  After that, posting seemed to be
> sort of a waste of time.

To be fair this is a little out of context...

what was the question? How did you word it?

Sometimes those are two of the biggest factors determining your 
reception to a group largely comprised of Linux geeks that gravitate, in 
large part, to a shared meritocracy.

Second, if it was a basic basic question that could or should have been 
easily found with some googling, you really do risk getting some flames 
   out of the encounter. If you start arguing, you'll get twice as much 
flak for it.

If you couldn't understand the explanations even if they're simplified 
down then maybe it really is possible that Linux really wasn't for you 
because it isn't user grew from a geek-oriented project. 
What do you expect? :-)

Everyone gets a lashing here at some point. You keep trying to learn and 
grow a thicker skin and you'd be fine.

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