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Thilo Six T.Six at
Tue Jun 10 21:01:18 UTC 2008

mwbesemer at wrote the following on 10.06.2008 22:22

> When I first started experimenting with Ubuntu/Linux, I expected to find a community that was full of knowledge and ready to help.  I'm sorry to say that what I've experienced has not been at all like that.  Mario's comments below seem all too typical. 


some others have allready answered. I will just add:
Mario is one the most knowledged and helpful people an this list and it is
quite unintelligent to bite the hands that feeding ppl like you and Mr. Larsen.

One of Mr. Larsen's first actions/posts on very this list was to call me
names for the fact that i was trying to help him by asking him question about
his issues.
Since then i am not very interessted in any of his posts.

Feel free to ignore me for that, too if you like.

Just one last sentence/question:
I agree Ubuntu/Kubuntu is not perfect but actually have you the experience to
recognize it's development in the last month, the last year, since it's

I can. And i can tell Mario's coments aren't "all too typical" not for him
and not for this list.

bye Thilo

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