rsync is bad

NoOp glgxg at
Sun Jun 8 17:28:02 UTC 2008

On 06/07/2008 04:54 PM, Karl Larsen wrote:
>     I hoped that rsync would result in a copy of the original but fails 
> to do so. It seems to do something to GTK+ which no-one including me, 
> has the first clue how to fix. I have had no luck with rsync so will 
> stop using it.

Your GTK error is written in the error message and is due to incorrect
permissions of your /tmp directory. Go back to your GTK thread and use

ubuntu + gtk +"mkdtemp:private socket dir: Permission denied"

and you'll find the answer yourself. You should have also looked to see
what process:5394 was. Next time something tells you that process:xyz is
a problem, from a terminal enter:

ps axf

That will give you the PID and the thread that the process is running
in. It may not give you the answer to resolve your problem, but it is an
easy way to point you in the direction to look.

BTW: I've had the same problem in the past, so I'm pretty sure that
changing your /tmp permissions will resolve the problem.

cd /
ls -l
drwxrwxrwt  13 root  root  36864 2008-06-08 09:36 tmp

Re rsync: I recommend (as I did previously) that you try grsync where
you can easily tick the boxes to: Preserve time, Preserve owner,
Preserve permissions, Preserve group, copy symlinks, make backups, Don't
map uid/gid values etc., etc., *and* run a simulation via the GUI. I
reckon that the command line is better & faster, but w/grsync might be
easier for you to use.

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