Backup booting

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sat Jun 7 16:26:59 UTC 2008

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>> Nils Kassube wrote:
>>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>>     When I boot the backup it goes quite a ways but errors out
>>>> looking for some std USB things. That seems to be wrong. Here are
>>>> the parts of both menu.lst and fstab for review. I am certain
>>>> menu.lst is working.
>>> Well, I don't see anything suspicious in your menu.lst or fstab. And
>>> "some std USB things" isn't very specific - could you post the actual
>>> error message?
>>     Hi Nils, I do not know how to do that. 
> Um, how about writing it down? Yes, I know, pen and paper is sooo last 
> century :)
>>     I do not think dmesq is even 
>> written when it stops. 
> That depends - if the error happens before / is mounted, it can't be 
> written to the disk, but if it happens late enough during the boot 
> process, you might find something in one of the files in /var. Have a 
> look at the files messages, syslog, syslog.0, kern.log. 
>> So what do you recommend as a way to bring the 
>> error message? I probably need to read it too :-)
> I think you would have to reboot with the trouble disk and wait for the 
> message. And if you don't want to write it down, you could use a digital 
> camera and take a photo.
> Nils
    Nils, if the rsync backup is good I should not be having these 
problems. I think there is something basic wrong. After getting the grub 
and fstab right it should come right up.

    I think the rsync backup is bad. here is what I used:

karl at karl-desktop:~$ cat /root/bin/backup
# This file is designed to backup my Ubuntu to the USB Hard Drive using 
# Karl Larsen, 26 Feb 08
rsync -av /boot /media/disk/
rsync -av /bin  /media/disk/
rsync -av /dev  /media/disk/
rsync -av /etc  /media/disk/
rsync -av /lib  /media/disk/
rsync -av /opt  /media/disk/
rsync -av /root /media/disk/
rsync -av /sbin /media/disk/
rsync -av /tmp /media/disk/
rsync -av /usr /media/disk/
rsync -av /var /media/disk/
rsync -av /initrd /media/disk/
karl at karl-desktop:~$

I had to make a /home directory after the fact.



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