CD-ROM reading error in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS installation on ServerWorks board

David Fox dfox94085 at
Fri Jun 6 03:52:23 UTC 2008

On 6/4/08, Rashkae <ubuntu at> wrote:
>  I've found optical drives to be relatively short lived devices when used
>  regularly, but fortunately, in North America at least, they are now a
>  $40 part.

Me too. My Toshiba settop DVD recorder finally became unable to play
nearly any DVD I shoved into it - even store-bought ones - some few
months ago, after a couple of years of service (I replaced it with a
$50 Sony dvd player). Also my NEC drive which I had in service since
about summer of 2005 got to the point that it wouldn't recognize a DVD
when inserting it - on most if not all DVDs that I have. Since I had a
largish collection of DVDs I figure it was time to get new equipment -
so when I built up a new box over Memorial Day weekend I got a fresh
Pioneer SATA dvdrw/cdrw drive with it.

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