Fall back to other OS land... just for now, I hope

Charlie Kravetz cjk at teamcharliesangels.com
Thu Jun 5 02:37:01 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-06-04 at 19:24 -0400, Brian Lunergan wrote:
> Greetings all:
> Found I had to return to the holdings of Lord William of Redmond for now. 
> There are disability issues behind that move that make extended keyboard 
> time difficult and sometimes downright painful. On this side of the pond it 
> tends to be labelled with the oversimplification of repetitive strain 
> injury. Any Brits on the list may have heard it referred to as 'work 
> related upper limb disorder."
> I would like to try Ubuntu/Kubuntu again but I have some questions I need 
> answers to so conclusions can be drawn.
> 1) When I did try this first time it appears text to speech is well 
> covered. That's not my problem. Heresy though it may be to want to use 
> Linux but not be in love with the CLI approach to doing things, I need 
> speech to text options for the time when mouse and microphone may be more 
> functional input devices than the keyboard. XP has software such as the 
> Dragon Naturally Speaking series. Is there anything similar for Linux in 
> general, and Ubuntu in particular?
> 2) On the off-chance a mixed setup is more practical, is this Wubi 
> installer available in both Ubuntu and Kubuntu? Is it stable to use or 
> should I be thinking of a more conventional dual boot setup? Object being 
> to use XP with speech rec capability and the things XP does well, and Linux 
> for when keyboard (if speech rec is not available for Linux) is workable.
> Regards...
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> Brian Lunergan
> Nepean, Ontario
> Canada
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Several of us depend on the availability of Assistive Technology in
Ubuntu due to disability. It's usually in the menu under Universal
Access. For some it is sticky keys, for some it is speech, for some it
is trackballs. For some it is too difficult a road to travel. Perhaps at
a later time, you will come back to us.

For some information on help available, see my websites,
http://keepingdreams.com  and  http://teamcharliesangels.com

good luck,

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