GParted update on Ubuntu 7.10

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at
Wed Jun 4 05:24:28 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-06-04 at 11:44 +0800, SYNass IT Ubuntu / Linux wrote:
> Hello Ubuntu cracks and experts
> GParted on my Ubuntu 7.10 is v 0.3.3 !

Well, the newest release on the project's site is 0.3.7., so I don't
think 0.3.3 is a big problem.

> Can I update to a more recent version and is it recommended ...
> ... or should be avoided ??

As always when deciding about an upgrade: you need to ask yourself if
there are any new features or fixed issues that make it worthwhile for
you. You will likely need to upgrade from project sources and compile
yourself, so you should have really compelling reasons.

Check the project's announcements for what's new in 0.3.4, 0.3.5, and

> How do I proceed the update ???

Install a build environment and all dependencies, then either download
the project's sources and configure, make, checkinstall. Or download a
newer Ubuntu source package from Hardy or Intrepid and build a deb
package from there.

> Just followed Brian's post and tried following:
> 1) sudo aptitude install gparted
> 2) sudo aptitude-get install gparted
> Checking GParted still shows the 0.3.3 version ;-(

1) Of course, this just installed the newest version from the
repository, 0.3.3
2) It is impossible that you didn't get an error message for this, as no
program "aptitude-get" exists

Which "Brian's post"?

> What am I doing wrong here ??

It seems you don't yet really understand how the Ubuntu (and GNU/Linux
in general) software distribution system works, e.g., what it means to
use the repositories or to install stuff from outside the repo.

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