Ubuntu on an external drive---how to?

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Wed Jun 4 03:19:47 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-06-03 at 13:37 -0300, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Kanda Kumar V wrote:
> > i've been trying this for 5-6 time... as i'm very new to linux
> > installation... that's why...
> > 
> > Thanks all for your support... i'm really very happy that i got to install
> > ubuntu in my laptop..
> It's a bit late to tell you that this isn't newbie stuff, isn't it?
> Now that you've managed to do this, you're practically an expert :-)
> -- 
> derek

Hi Derek
First: Thanks for your always appreciated assistance and feedbacks ! ;-)

Well, I am in a similar situation like Kumar !! ;-))

Recently I struggled and I am still do struggle somewhat connecting my
external USB HDD and 
well, with support, especially from Nils, I am able to get along with
it !!!

YEAH, I managed with your all help and even with my long years IT
I am still a greenhorn / newbie in Linux / Ubuntu. ;-D

Yes, it really isn't newbie stuff ...
... but sometimes someone is thrown into water before being able to
swim ;-|

I do like the installation of Ubuntu on an external drive too and 
would really appreciate you folks assistance and guidance too !! ;-))

First, indeed, I have to re-setup my own very first Linux / Ubuntu 7.10

After this is done satisfying I have to find, back to topic finally, an
intelligent solution 
with my 2 external TCP/IP resp USB HDD's like following:

First one acts, connected with TCP/IP to our WL Access Point as a
The DataPool idea generally:
- avoid Data / File Redundancy
- especially on notebooks: keep only really needed stuff

- Additionally: 
- Regular Backup / Synchronize personal data on DataPool resp mobiles
with (g)rsync
- store accurate mirrors of all installed operating systems

Second one acts as a emergency joker / jumper if a system gets into
This unit may get an SOS Ubuntu installation to act as Rescue System to
get important data backed up, extracted, saved from the failing system
before experimenting to rescue !?

Greenhorn / newbies efforts to avoid a fatal data loss. ;-)

Any advice, guidance, opinions and suggestions are very appreciated and
welcome ! ;-))

So, I better stop my very longwinded 2cents here. ;-D

Cheers, svobi

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