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Wade Smart wadesmart at
Mon Jun 2 14:20:34 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
> ike.ubuntu wrote:
>> i run an internet cafe & have decided to use ubuntu server as my proxy. All other computers in d LAN (including network users' wi-fi enabled notebooks) run on windows. I am looking for network hotspot billing software that will run on ubuntu server without the need to install a client version on other computers accessing the internet via the proxy. pls can anyone recommend a network (both wired & unwired) hotspot billing software that is compatible with ubuntu server. I dont mind if i have to buy it.
>> Thanks
>     I think your looking for unavailium. I have no idea how you can be 
> sure what WiFi user is using what amount of the Internet. I know the 
> Internet places in NM USA either make it free or, they charge by the 
> hour. I see people pulling into Wendies parking lot and using the web 
> for free out there.
>     Good luck but I doubt you can even buy what you want.
> Karl

20080602 0917 GMT-6

You can bill by the minute, in increments of say five minutes, on the half hour 
and full hour. There is software available that counts kb sent to the user and 
you can bill on kb, mb, or gb.

I say software, most of these are services and take small percentage of what you 
make as their fee. is popular. Its bigger in Europe than in the US but we have used 
it in several setups in the states.

You might also think about just getting a programmer and writing some scripts to 
do this for you.


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