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Thu Jul 31 19:59:38 UTC 2008

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 01:44:53PM -0600, Leif Gregory wrote:
> With ever more clever attacks like the recent DNS exploits, Blue Pill
> attacks, hardware level attacks etc. Not even Linux is immune. Even
> without attacks of those sophistication level, user data is still at
> stake. Unfortunately, the majority of computer users (across all
> platforms) don't back up their desktops or laptops. Malware in the
> userspace can still cause a lot of problems for some people.

    Not that I am doing this out of paranoia but on my work laptop running XP
(which I am allowed to take home) I actually do all my net surfing inside a
KUbuntu VirtualBox VM.  It isn't because I am paranoid and don't want added
protection from the wilds of the 'net and my professional data but because my
personal preference is for Linux and putting my idle
home-time-on-the-work-laptop browsing in a completely separate OS/VM gives
decent compartmentalization of work vs. non-work activities.  When I turn this
laptop in I can either take the VM image with me to the new machine or just
delete it.  The fact that now any malware on the net would have to get past
adblockplus, bust Firefox, do something malicious on Linux and then try to
bust out of a VM to get to the real OS is just icing on the cake.  ;)

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