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Derek Broughton news at
Thu Jul 31 00:19:41 UTC 2008

Chris Jones wrote:

> Hi,
>> Always.
>>> I regularly have 3-4 different work projects on the go at once, all of
>>> which have multiple applications and windows associated to them.
>>> Isolating each project to one or two workspaces is an incredibly useful
>>> way of keeping things under control.
>> Except I keep all of my konqueror tabs in a single window - I suppose I
>> could make konqueror appear on all desktops, or have a konqueror on each.
> I run more applications than just konqueror ...
Of course - so do I.  But all of my different jobs (I'm a consultant,
typically working on 2 or 3 projects at once) involve a lot of web-surfing. 
So that leaves three choices - switch back to the desktop with konqueror as
necessary, keep a konqueror on each desktop for each project, or put the
one konqueror on every desktop.

>> I just find it simple enough to get to every window either by clicking on
>> it directly or going to the kicker panel.
> But then you have to remember which windows are associated to which
> task. 

No, I have to remember which _applications_ are associated with which task. 
What if I'm doing development on two projects (I am)?  afaik, I can only
have one eclipse.  So which desktop does it go on?  Now I'm working on
three projects but only two of them use eclipse - I can't have eclipse on
two of three desktops.

> I know I'm presuming here, so on dangerous ground, but I feel you simply
> don't have as many open windows at once as me. 

I'm sure that's true - but my choice is to close windows that aren't being
immediately used to reduce clutter.

>> I'm sorry.  I'm a dinosaur.  Next you'll be telling me I should
>> understand how facebook works. :-)
> Nope. I don't 'do' facebook either... ;)


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