vi almost unusable in recovery console

Brian McKee brian.mckee at
Wed Jul 30 23:40:23 BST 2008

Hi All

I'm trying to edit an fstab with vi using the ubuntu alternate cd's
'recover a broken system' option.
I'm using the alternate cd because this system has a mix of regular
and LVM partitions, and IIRC the live cd doesn't grok that.

The problem is the console it drops you into has a term type of
'bterm' or similar, which vi guesses is ansi - with very mixed
results.   The screen doesn't refresh properly etc etc. So, two

1 - is there any way to get a better terminal?  or a different TERM I
can tell vi it is for better results?

2 - what the heck package would I report a bug against?  or am I
wishing for the impossible?

(yes, that's four questions - sue me :-)

Note that nano doesn't work right either - and emacs isn't available.

Comments?  Suggestions?


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